What is a clean point?


Clean points, always committed to you

¿Qué es un punto limpio?

More and more people are concerned about the environment and separate the waste they generate on a daily basis.

In addition to the traditional recycling containers, such as blue, yellow and green there are clean points, which are large facilities dedicated to collecting and classifying the waste produced by citizens.

Its work is similar to the recycling containers that are next to the rubbish bins on public roads, but much more waste is cataloged in them.

Unlike traditional containers, clean points are much larger facilities that allow you to manage any type of waste, from batteries and cooking oil, to furniture, electrical appliances, lighting, printer toner and even technological waste.

Admitted waste

The clean point accepts and collects all that waste that you no longer need, but with certain limits. At most, you can recycle elements and materials without exceeding 100 kilos of total weight. This figure may vary depending on the objects you want to remove.

For example, household appliances such as washing machines are admissible up to the aforementioned 100 kilos; however, computer consumables have their limit at 25 kilos. The same goes for volumes and drives.

Límite de cantidad por peso
Límite de cantidad por volumen
Límite de cantidad por unidades


Quantity limit by weight

10 l

Quantity limit by volume

2-20 uds.

Quantity limit by quantity