Plastic and cans

Plastic, metal and brik-type packaging waste is collected in the existing yellow containers in Elche for recycling.

Subsequently, this packaging waste is transferred to our plant in the Vallongas area, where it is classified and subsequently delivered to recycling centers that will generate new packaging that is thus reintroduced into the production chain, reducing the consumption of raw materials.

What to put in the YELLOW container?

In general, all plastic containers, cans and tetra briks that have the green dot printed on them. In this way we will deposit in this container the plastic bottles that have contained food (water, vegetable oil, soft drinks, milk…), yogurt containers, plastic cans of cleaning or toilet products (bath gel, household cleaners…) , cans, tetra briks, aluminum foil, expanded polystyrene trays (EPS) also known as Porexpan or white cork, empty aerosol cans, and plastic bags.


What should we NOT put in the YELLOW container?

We must never deposit plastic or metal objects that are not containers, syringes, video tapes, toys, pots and pans, etc… as well as other waste such as paper and cardboard that are collected with other containers.

contenedor amarillo


  • You should only put plastic containers, cans and briks in the yellow container.
  • Toys, pieces of blinds, pans, hangers, plastic car parts, PVC pipes…. They are NOT containers. Do not put them in the yellow container.